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ON-DEMAND Symposium 'Leg pain by Professional Cyclists'

An optimal blood flow in legs is crucial for high performance in professional cycling. However, approximately 20% of professional cyclists develop a block in leg circulation due to narrowing of the arteries (Flow Limitations in the Iliac Artery; FLIA). If left untreated, the career is at stake. A fast diagnosis and a tailored treatment require special expertise that is currently only provided in a few centers around the world.

During the symposium on April 14th 2023, data covering 20 years of research aimed at optimizing management of this occupational disease will be presented. Questions such as What’s new in diagnostics? How sure is the diagnosis? How effective is an operation? Is it long term safe? will be answered by a team of superspecialists.

This unique symposium is now brought to you on-demandDon't miss out on this chance to learn more on this subject that is still underrated and an occupational disease all at the same time.

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Team of superspecialists

All presentations are in English 

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