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3rd European Exercise is Medicine Congress in Budapest

The “European Initiative for Exercise in Medicine” has been formed as  nonprofit organization of European task forces and supporting members. In an initial meeting of 18 nations in Cascais, Portugal in 2011 a founding board was determined and eight members signed the founding statutes on June 27th 2013 in Barcelona. European countries involved with EIEIM include Austria, Czech, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. EIMIM is acknowledged by ECSS and HEPA. Within Europe, researchers and physicians have longstanding achievements in preventive measures and Sports Medicine. Europe has also 28 nations within the European Union and in total 36 nations which have developed, but also very different health care systems from public health care to private based health insurances. Sports are often organized as club sports in Europe, professional sports providers have grown but have different national importance.
EIEIM respects the national autonomy but provides a continental framework for supporting its members, EIEIM is also addressing European Commission with their Sports Unit in the Health / Consumer Protection Division and the
European Parliament.

Date: 15th - 16th September 2014
Location: Budapest, Hungary