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Doha GOALS 2014, Qatar

Doha GOALS is the world’s premier platform inspiring the creation of communities, opportunities and initiatives for growth and progress through sport.
Doha GOALS, Gathering of All Leaders in Sport, was founded in January 2012 at the Doha GOALS Pre-Forum.
Each year, global leaders will gather in Doha with top stakeholders – CEOs, government officials, athletes, NGOs, federation heads, urban developers, coaches, managers, and medical experts – to create partnerships and initiatives to tackle the most pressing social issues through plenary sessions, debates, and focused taskforces that enable constructive brainstorming and focused collaboration.

Doha GOALS will conclude by outlining a roadmap of initiatives capable of addressing issues like economic development through sport, the welfare of athletes, federation governance, sport as a tool for education of youth, integration of women and minorities through sport, and cross-culture cooperation.


Datum: 3-5 november 2014
Locatie: Doha, Qatar