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FIH Medical Seminar

The FIH Medical Commission is hosting a Medical Seminar during the Rabobank Hockey World Cup, the title being Nutrition and Health in Elite Hockey Players
The date is June 4 , 2014

Morning programme : Moderator : Wiebke Muller-Eising
• 8.30 Welcome President FIH: Mr Leandro Negre
• 8.45 Nutritional Strategies: before, during and after a field hockey match Dr M. Mensink
• 9.10 Delhi Belly and quick anticipating ( safe! ) solutions P. Wefers Bettink
• 9.35 (Re) Hydration in field hockey during matches Dr M.Mensink
10.00 – 10.45 Coffee/tea break
• 10.45 Food supplements, general trends and issues Prof R. Witkamp
• 10.55 Food supplements vs foods in elite athletes Mr. F. Wardenaar
• 11.15 Food supplements use in field hockey Mr. N. Idema
• 11.35 Dietary Supplements – Risks and Benefits Dr H Braun
12.10 – 14.00 Lunch
“The take home message afternoon programme” Moderator Peter Wefers Bettink
• 14.00 FIH data on injuries during major events Prof U. Rolle
• 14.20 Undetected Vision Abnormalities in top athletes; an Eye opener Mrs G. Janssen
• 14.40 The benefit of a structured warming-up; more than preparing to play Prof E. Verhagen
15.00 – 15.30 Coffee/tea break
• 15.30 MRI and Ultra Sound; pro’s and con’s in Sports Dr B Maresch
• 16.00 The 2015 World-Anti-Doping Code – What you should know and more T.B.C.
• 16.30 Some painful statistics Dr R Hurry

17.00 Final remarks

Drinks and snacks
Location: World Hotel Bel Air ( www.worldhotelbelair ) in The Hague
Johan de Wittlaan 30 ; 2517 JR Tel: +31703525354
See the website for getting there and transport possibilities
Parking (€) is limited, but in the neighbourhood free parking

Target group: Medical Staff of all the participating teams, Medical Staff of teams from all over the World, Sport Physiotherapists and Sport Doctors and anyone else who is interested.

Registration: See the form on the website. ( Also for the payment
In case you have questions contact : Dora Varga ( ) or Peter Wefers Bettink ( )
Fee: for the whole day : € 75.—
Accreditation for Sports doctors and Sports Physiotherapists in the Netherlands has been asked for.
In the end certification forms will be handed out so you can arrange your accreditation in your country.

• Dr (Hans) Braun PhD. Sport Nutrition Department, University Cologne
• Dr (Rob) Hurry MD. Sport and Exercise Medicine, UK
• (Nick) Iedema. Top Sport Nutrician HAN University of Applied Sciences, NL
• Mrs. (Gabrielle) Janssen Research Optometrist, NL
• Dr (Bas) Maresch, MD, PhD. Top sport Radiologist Hospital Gelderse Valley, NL
• Dr (Marco) Mensink MD, PhD. Division of Human Nutrition, Wageningen University, NL
• Prof (Udo) Rolle, MD, PhD. Dep. Of Paediatric Surgery, University of Frankfurt, D
• Prof (Evert) Verhagen, PhD, FECSS. VU University Medical Center of Amsterdam. NL
• (Floris) Wardenaar MSc, Top sport Nutrician, HAN University of Applied Sciences, NL
• Prof ( Renger) Witkamp MD, PhD. Dep. of Nutrition and Pharmacology, Wageningen University, NL

• Dr ( Wiebke) Muller-Eising MD, Orthopaedics in Cologne, D
• (Peter) Wefers Bettink MD, Chief Medical Advisor FIH, NL